African Flare

Lately, as I have been browsing the internet I have been fascinated with interiors with a touch of African influence. In my search I have come across a few great ways to incorporate African details to a space without looking overdone and keeping a space modern. I have even picked up a few new pieces to add to my own home, which I absolutely love. Check out some inspiration I have found that helped me along the way.




living_room_30 awesome-african-chair



Design Trend

Hello Lovelies! Have you noticed Neon Signs are popping up everywhere in design lately? You can find them in many different design styles; traditional, modern, contemporary just to name a few…and I must say they look great. I even have been considering adding a neon sign to my own wall.

I love the idea of creating art with words and putting them up on a wall. Neon signs are a great way to display words that mean a lot to you… or a mantra that you see on your way out to start your day. Take a look at some of the inspiration I found and tell me what you think of this trend. Is it something you could add to your own home?

  image image image

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Designer Highlight

While surfing the internet for some design inspiration I came across interior designer Vincente Wolf. I have come across his work before but for some reason have been a bit more intrigued most recently. His style reflects a very clean and simple sense of design. You could say he is the “Master of the Minimal.” That being said even though his interiors are simple they do not lack impact. Vincente Wolf’s interiors seem to tie in minimalism and luxury, all the while maintaining a sense of comfort. He incorporates one-of-a-kind pieces from all over the world to create an amazing composition within a home.

His design style is quite different from my own but I admire his talent of constraint. He is able to show great discipline through his use of color palette, furniture placement and choice of textiles in his designs. Check out some of his work below.


Lucky Green

I absolutely love the color green. From jade to emerald, mossy green or hints of sage, I love them all. They are all so wonderful and can be incorporated in your home through the use of furniture pieces, home décor or just simply adding plants. Green tends to be restful and soothing to the eye. Along with offering a deep sense of renewal and harmony to any space.

Here are a few images I found that have me ready to add green everywhere in my home. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Green Door



Serene Dreams

The world can get oh, so chaotic and it is important to create a space that is peaceful and serene. That being said I am absolutely one who loves her beauty sleep, especially after a hard days work. It is important for me to be able to come home and have a relaxing space where I can unwind from the day. That place for me would be my bedroom.

A bedroom should be all about comfort. Like I said before, the bedroom is a place to unwind and just relax. When designing a bedroom ultimately a bed is required but don’t stop there. Adding a comfortable sitting area adds another element in the room in which you can decompress.

Here are a few things I would recommend when creating your bedroom space:

1. Add plush, soft fabrics where ever possible. Think linen or silk bed linens, faux fur throws and velvet upholstered furniture.

2. Use a soothing color palette.

3. Add candles preferably unscented.

4.Get rid of the office desk and chair. No need to think of work before bed. It will surely be there in the morning when you wake up.

5. Remove the TV and exercise equipment.

6. Scale is key to create harmony. Take notice of the size of your bed and other pieces of furniture to ensure everything fits perfectly. Keep in mind to make choices that make the biggest impact.

Take a look at some bedroom spaces and be inspired!


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The Sculpture Trend

An old classic is resurging in interior design for 2014. Statues, sculptures and busts oh my! Just the other day I went to Home Goods and saw a whole display table dedicated to Greece and Roman sculpture. Even in magazines you can find a bust or sculpture inspired by classics everywhere. Just wait you will notice it soon. This new trend is a great way to add art to your home in a 3 dimensionally way. Do you think this is a trend you would incorporate in your own home? Take a look below for a few decor ideas.

image image image image image

All About Flamingos

The flamingo decor trend is not over. Starting last year the big, beautiful and bright flamingo was spotted in the world of design…and I must say this elegant bird is perfect for the upcoming warm season. Whether simply inspired by the color of the flamingo or the flamingo itself you can use this inspiration to make your room pop. Just one quick tip, when integrating any animal into your home use sparingly and strategically. This will keep your space from looking as if there was a theme were the flamingo is strutting everywhere in your home.

Here are a few pictures for inspiration. Tell me what you think and how you would integrate the flamingo in your home.

image image image image image image 

image image image image image image