Giraffe Manor

While searching for ideas for my next vacation, I came across this wonderful place called Giraffe Manor. Located in the Karen Suburbs of Nairobi, Kenya Giraffe Manor peaked my interests of a place I need to go visit. This boutique hotel is surrounded by beautiful Rothschild giraffes and is the breeding center for this endangered species. Constructed in 1932 by Sir David Duncan, Giraffe Manor is a sweet retreat where all the proceeds raised goes to AFEW (African Fund for Endangered Wildlife). You can mix and mingle with a few unusual guests who tend to join the party for breakfast and dinner.

Along with the surrounding wonders Giraffe Manor is beautifully designed. Both warm and inviting the décor in this boutique hotel reflects both traditional and modern design. Making its guests feel rather comfortable. Do you think this is a place you might want to visit? Take a look and tell me what you think.

Kenya, Nairobi region, the Giraffe Manor