Designer Highlight

Today’s designer highlight features designer Rafael de Cardenas. Once a menswear designer at Calvin Klein, de Cardenas moved from fashion to product design and finally found his way to creating Architecture at Large in 2006. His design studio located in two major cities London and New York is derived of several creatives who design both residential and commercial interiors, furniture and architecture. 

Known for his boldly striking and luxuriously fashionable designs. His distinguishable style staples are using black and white, incorporating bold use of vivid colors and adding geometric shape to his designs. He also has a unique design style where he creates characters for his clients. Developing a fantasy that encompasses a storyline and theme with a soundtrack to match. That sounds like an awesome way to design. Take a look at some of his work and tell me what you think!

The Raw Deal

Lately, everyone has been a bit more conscious of their carbon footprint…and rightfully so. It is important that we appreciate what the Earth provides us naturally. In today’s society green living and conserving precious resources  is a way of contributing to changing how we live for the better. 

There has been a rediscovered interest in natural materials when it comes to interior design. Incorporating natural materials in the home has been around for centuries. A way to show off natures beauty and live with it daily. Bringing nature into your home creates both character and warmth, welcoming and providing peace to those who inhabit the space. There are so many ways you can achieve this look in the design of your own home. Whether in the middle of renovating or just adding something new be inspired to look at nature. Here are a few visuals to get your gears turning. 

Out of the Blue

Lately, I have been obsessed with the color blue. Royal blue velvets, sapphire blue silks, peacock suede and all the variations in between. I guess you can say, I have a love affair with this calming and also energizing hue. Blue is such a classic color and can be used in so many ways. For instance, you can add a navy blue wall color to a room to create drama… or use an antiqued french blue accent piece for a soft and sophisticated addition.

Take a look at a few spaces I have fallen head over heels for and tell me what you think.









Designer Highlight

Good morning, Lovelies. I wanted to introduce you to a talented interior designer, Palmer Weiss. She is a San Francisco based interior designer known for her bursts of color and southern flare. Palmer creates spaces where she merges textiles and chooses furniture in the most masterful way. Her interiors are functional and livable with a traditional twist. Bold color meets traditional living. You could even say designing is in her blood. Her mother was an established interior designer and her father in real estate development. I could only imagine the beautiful spaces she encountered growing up and was inspired by, eventually leading her down the path of her successful design career.

image image image image image image image

Elegant Edge

Elegant rooms showcase fine design featuring style and grace. They are neither flashy nor stuffy. Rather cleverly designed functional spaces. The best way to create an elegant space of your own is to minimize the use of current trends in your home. Instead focus on achieving an elegant edge utilizing stylish pieces that are classic and will be around for many years to come.  There are a few things to keep in mind to help you along the way.

1. Introduce classic lines and soft curves. 

2. Add comfortable fabrics and textures. 

3. Keep in mind the natural flow of light (do not block with furniture placement).

4. Maintain symmetrical balance and proportions

Ultimately maintain a youthful, fresh approach to a traditional design aesthetic. This is the perfect recipe for a perfectly designed space. Take a look at a few inspirational pictures to get you on your way. 







All Natural

Hello everyone! Let me just tell you I am all about eclectic, very glamorous interiors but fell in love with the naturally serene interiors below. I would say these spaces are still eclectic in a natural kind-of-way. I could only imagine living in each and every one of these spaces. They are all so amazing! Warm, inviting and oh, so beautiful.

natural bathroom 1

natural inspiration 6

natural inspiration 4

natural inspiration 3

natural inspiration 2

natural inspiration axel v

natural bathroom

Lucky Green

I absolutely love the color green. From jade to emerald, mossy green or hints of sage, I love them all. They are all so wonderful and can be incorporated in your home through the use of furniture pieces, home décor or just simply adding plants. Green tends to be restful and soothing to the eye. Along with offering a deep sense of renewal and harmony to any space.

Here are a few images I found that have me ready to add green everywhere in my home. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by!

Green Door