Designer Highlight

Today, I want to highlight interior designer Michel Smith Boyd. Having received his BFA in interior design he has hit the design world by storm. Becoming one of the most influential and sought after designers. He has received many accolades and his work has been featured in several national publications. 

Michel Boyd’s design aesthetic is true luxury with a thoughtful and collected design style. He infuses and finds the perfect mix of texture and fashion into all of his designs. His work is definitely going to get you inspired to try something new in your own home. Take a look. 

Feminine and Flirty

Being a girly girl, I love lots of pinks, reds and purples. Glamorous detail such as; fur throws, animal print and metallic accessories. All these things make a home sweet home for me. Incorporating a room or two to the leading lady is a must in my opinion. Sorry gentleman but I am sure you understand. What’s that saying, “A happy wife means a happy life.” Just saying! A woman needs a place to unwind and be delighted in all the beautiful things around her.

Ladies when creating your feminine sanctuary remember these key elements:

1. Use soft to the touch fabrics.

2. Choose your color palette wisely. For example, pinks, purples or pastels.

3. Use pretty accessories (metallics are everything). Kind-of-like the jewelry in the room.

4. Choose furniture with curves down to the legs.

Here are some images to help you along the way.

image image image image image image image image image

Haute and Homey

Fashion and home decor go hand and hand. What is trending in fashion is┬átrending in interior design. The bold colors, iconic patterns and textures we’ve seen in past F/W shows have shown up in homes for sure. From classic to edgy or traditional to modern fashion and home decor carry the same design principles. Check out the images below to get inspired and make your home more fashionable.




Source: Vogue Australia

Source: Vogue Australia