The Raw Deal

Lately, everyone has been a bit more conscious of their carbon footprint…and rightfully so. It is important that we appreciate what the Earth provides us naturally. In today’s society green living and conserving precious resources  is a way of contributing to changing how we live for the better. 

There has been a rediscovered interest in natural materials when it comes to interior design. Incorporating natural materials in the home has been around for centuries. A way to show off natures beauty and live with it daily. Bringing nature into your home creates both character and warmth, welcoming and providing peace to those who inhabit the space. There are so many ways you can achieve this look in the design of your own home. Whether in the middle of renovating or just adding something new be inspired to look at nature. Here are a few visuals to get your gears turning. 

Living with Plants

I have been on a plant kick lately. It started with a peace lily in my living room, to adding several additional plants all over my apartment. Soon I will have an indoor garden, I am sure of it. Why so many you may ask? Plants bring the element and beauty of nature into my home. Indoor houseplants are like green sculptures bringing a sense of serenity to the home. Plants can soften architectural elements and add texture to an interior.

Adding indoor plants allows for you to purify the air in your home naturally. Cleaning out toxins you would typically find throughout your home. Here are some great examples of how you too can infuse life into your space using plants.



image image image




All Natural

Hello everyone! Let me just tell you I am all about eclectic, very glamorous interiors but fell in love with the naturally serene interiors below. I would say these spaces are still eclectic in a natural kind-of-way. I could only imagine living in each and every one of these spaces. They are all so amazing! Warm, inviting and oh, so beautiful.

natural bathroom 1

natural inspiration 6

natural inspiration 4

natural inspiration 3

natural inspiration 2

natural inspiration axel v

natural bathroom