The Raw Deal

Lately, everyone has been a bit more conscious of their carbon footprint…and rightfully so. It is important that we appreciate what the Earth provides us naturally. In today’s society green living and conserving precious resources  is a way of contributing to changing how we live for the better. 

There has been a rediscovered interest in natural materials when it comes to interior design. Incorporating natural materials in the home has been around for centuries. A way to show off natures beauty and live with it daily. Bringing nature into your home creates both character and warmth, welcoming and providing peace to those who inhabit the space. There are so many ways you can achieve this look in the design of your own home. Whether in the middle of renovating or just adding something new be inspired to look at nature. Here are a few visuals to get your gears turning. 

All Natural

Hello everyone! Let me just tell you I am all about eclectic, very glamorous interiors but fell in love with the naturally serene interiors below. I would say these spaces are still eclectic in a natural kind-of-way. I could only imagine living in each and every one of these spaces. They are all so amazing! Warm, inviting and oh, so beautiful.

natural bathroom 1

natural inspiration 6

natural inspiration 4

natural inspiration 3

natural inspiration 2

natural inspiration axel v

natural bathroom

Feminine and Flirty

Being a girly girl, I love lots of pinks, reds and purples. Glamorous detail such as; fur throws, animal print and metallic accessories. All these things make a home sweet home for me. Incorporating a room or two to the leading lady is a must in my opinion. Sorry gentleman but I am sure you understand. What’s that saying, “A happy wife means a happy life.” Just saying! A woman needs a place to unwind and be delighted in all the beautiful things around her.

Ladies when creating your feminine sanctuary remember these key elements:

1. Use soft to the touch fabrics.

2. Choose your color palette wisely. For example, pinks, purples or pastels.

3. Use pretty accessories (metallics are everything). Kind-of-like the jewelry in the room.

4. Choose furniture with curves down to the legs.

Here are some images to help you along the way.

image image image image image image image image image

All About Flamingos

The flamingo decor trend is not over. Starting last year the big, beautiful and bright flamingo was spotted in the world of design…and I must say this elegant bird is perfect for the upcoming warm season. Whether simply inspired by the color of the flamingo or the flamingo itself you can use this inspiration to make your room pop. Just one quick tip, when integrating any animal into your home use sparingly and strategically. This will keep your space from looking as if there was a theme were the flamingo is strutting everywhere in your home.

Here are a few pictures for inspiration. Tell me what you think and how you would integrate the flamingo in your home.

image image image image image image 

image image image image image image

Chic and Functional Bathrooms

Are you looking to update your bathroom space? If so I have a few tips and inspiration for you to help get started.

First things first, having a beautiful bathroom can make everything alright. After a hard day at work your home should be your safe haven. The bathroom should be a huge part of that. A place to unwind in the evening and make things go smoothly in the mornings. Beauty and functionality is key and here are a few tips to achieving this look.

  • Mix materials
  • Reduce clutter
  • Soften your space
  • Add chic accessories

Mixing materials simply means choose finishes that are simple, have clean lines and work well together. For example, when trying to create a chic bathroom use white ceramic tile or marble. Very clean and simple, which will work well with any color palette.

Reduce clutter by installing accessories that will free up space. Simple additions such as adding towel bars, towel rings or robe hooks will create a chic way to store and display you daily bathroom essentials.

Soften hard surfaces by adding plush soft accents. Towels, robes, bathroom rugs will soften what typically can be a hard and cold place. Adding these plush accents also allows you to introduce color and warmth to your chic bathroom space.

Last but not least, have fun and add accessories that are simply beautiful. For example, use a bold statement mirror above your sink. Add unique lighting fixtures that reflect your personality. Use an art piece that you will never grow tired of …and if your space allows add a piece of accent furniture. A tufted side chair or ceramic stool will act as a welcoming and functional sculpture.

Check out the pictures create for inspiration and tell me what you are thinking.

image image

image image

image image image image image