Secret Garden

Sometimes after putting all that hard work into the interiors of our homes we neglect to think about what the exterior looks like. I get it! It takes time to pick the right paint color for your living room or which cabinets fit best in your kitchen. Just thinking about pulling the weeds, mowing the lawn or planting a rose bush seems tiring after all the planning you’ve tackled inside your home. But hear me out. We should plan just as much design detail to our landscaping and garden as we do our living spaces. There will be days when you want some fresh air while at home and could you imagine not having to actually leave the house to get it. All you would have to do is walk a few feet from your living room or kitchen and “Voila.” 

Well let me help you at least get started on the planning. First decide what your outdoor space will be used for? Eating al fresco, entertaining or just family fun. Do you have enough space for casual seating, outdoor dining or both?  Things to consider when creating your secret garden is symmetry, repetition and contrast. Also planting many varieties of flowers, plants and trees (if your space allows) to create the ultimate outdoor green space. Keeping in mind what grows seasonally and plant accordingly. 

Creating a serene, cheerful and comfortable space begins with how much space you currently have to work with. You do not want to overload your space where it feels overcrowded and will be hard for you to maintain. However, you do want to incorporate a mix of non-plant materials such as stone, gravel and/or pebbles. This helps to create zones and divide the space in your garden. Even utilizing hedges, a row of tulips or trees can give you a lovely sense of division in your outdoor space. I hope these ideas get your outdoor project started. Take a look at some beautifully landscaped spaces for a starting point for your own creative design.