Canopy Beds

Now when you visualize a canopy bed what do you think of?  You may envision extravagance, ornate and decorative carved wood or handsomely sculpted metal. Maybe you see a symbol of status, or a sumptuously dreamy masterpiece. I am sure we can go on and on with our imagination, right? Well you may be surprised to know how far from that ideal the canopy bed originated. 

Despite the alluring extravagence typically seen of these admirable beds the concept came out of necessity. Lords and nobelmen used simple drapery in the Middle Ages to keep themselves warm. Canopy beds were also used to provide privacy since typically attendants were near by sleeping in the same room. During this time they were very understated. It was not until the 16th century were there was a focus on craftsmanship and more ornate designs. 

Another rich history of this masterfully crafted piece of furniture is in the pre-Republican China the canopy bed was an important piece to the family and customarily a brides dowery. I only dream of having the space to have an attractive canopy that goes with my personality and design aesthetic. In looking for inspiration there are so many styles to choose from. Take a look a tell me which style fits your personality. 

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