Sitting Pretty

I must say I think I am a bit obsessed with seating, but who isn’t? Right…? Well, I know my husband is going to be over me if I add one more chair to our apartment. I just can’t help myself sometimes. There is nothing like a statement piece of furniture. You know the kind that stops everyone in their tracks and becomes the center of attention. 

Strategically thinking about what type of seating will suite a space is a designers top priority. It is important to chose seating that best fits the personality of the owner/owners. The practicality of how the piece will be used in the space. Does it add drama and balance to the space? Is the color, comfort and size a good fit for the clients needs? These are all very important questions to consider when making the right choice for the space. Whether you are looking for a new sofa, accent or dining chair be mindful of the things I previously stated. It will make for easier hunting when you go out to find your perfect match for your space. 

In my ventures in looking for statement seating I found some inspiration to steer me in the right direction. Take a look and tell me what you think. 

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