Dining In

The rumor is dining rooms are becoming obsolete. Today’s modern family lives a more casual lifestyle and our homes are a reflection of that. With our busy schedules it is sometimes hard to all sit down for dinner. Just think, all the planning involved with creating a sit down dinner where everyone in the home is present. I know…daunting. Just kidding! It’s really not that bad. I am an advocate for family time and I don’t think dining at home is going out of style. At least I hope not.

I think the stigma with formal dining rooms are they can be a bit stiff and stuffy. I disagree! Your dining room can be sophisticated and comfortable all-in-one. Whether your style is traditional, modern, contemporary, rustic or an eclectic mix you can create a dining space that everyone will love and want to eat in. I am telling you it can be possible. Just be open, be inspired and create. Take a look at these spaces that do just that.