Adding fresh flowers to your home

Bringing home fresh flowers to your home can make wonders of a difference to your living space. Fresh cut flowers add both beautiful color and fragrance to a room.
Bringing life to your space, fresh flowers are wonderful to look at and admire. The unfortunate thing is while the days progress they can begin to wilt and dry becoming an eye-soar. Well let me give you some tips on what I have learned over time. The hard way!

You could help with the longevity of your beautiful fresh cut flowers by ensuring they are maintained in the proper conditions. Your flowers should be keep in a cool, dry and fairly dark place. It can be tempting to put flowers on the window sill but doing so causes your flowers to mature much quicker. This will cause flowers to dry out and wilt faster.

Another important factor is water. Fresh water that is. We as humans like to drink fresh water throughout the day, right? You typically will not drink water that has been left over night or has been in a glass for a few days. Flowers being living things are the same. They like a fresh cup/vase of water too. Replenishing the water frequently will ensure the stems will not dry out. Changing the water also helps prevent bacteria build up in the stems.

This leads me to trimmimg the stems about 1/2 inch from the bottom. This should be done when your new flowers arrive to your home ( their new home). When transporting your flowers the ends begin to dry out immediately causing cells to die. This can make it difficult for your flowers to absorb water when being placed in their new vessel. When trimming the flower stems make sure you have a sharp pair of shears, trim stems on a diagonal and remove the access leaves before placing in the vase. This will allow for your new flowers to drink the water more efficiently.

I must say once you bring a fresh bouquet home you will be in love with how they make your home look and feel. Once you master how to maintain your fresh cut flowers…oh my you will bring them home often. Trust me!

Here’s how I incorporated a fresh cut flower arrangement in my home. My amazing husband had these delivered to me. He’s the best! I put them right on our coffee table.


Now here are some interior design ideas with flower arrangements done beautifully.





I came across these fashion editorials and thought what a beautiful way to add flowers to your home. Along with your fresh bouquet…why not frame one of these and place near by your vase. Absolutely gorgeous!


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