Loft Living

Loft living has come a long way from what they have once been known to be. Around the Industrial Revolution loft spaces were acquired by artists who were looking for a place to live and work in the city that was cheap. Nowadays, living in a loft is not so bad. Actually pretty amazing from what I have seen. These open spaces showcase the industrial roots exposing mechanical systems and plumbing. Floor to ceiling windows which allow for bright light to shine into your living space…and lastly, no walls. You have open range to create an open living space that is reflective of the occupants life-style.

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Designer Highlight

Good morning, Lovelies. I wanted to introduce you to a talented interior designer, Palmer Weiss. She is a San Francisco based interior designer known for her bursts of color and southern flare. Palmer creates spaces where she merges textiles and chooses furniture in the most masterful way. Her interiors are functional and livable with a traditional twist. Bold color meets traditional living. You could even say designing is in her blood. Her mother was an established interior designer and her father in real estate development. I could only imagine the beautiful spaces she encountered growing up and was inspired by, eventually leading her down the path of her successful design career.

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Elegant Edge

Elegant rooms showcase fine design featuring style and grace. They are neither flashy nor stuffy. Rather cleverly designed functional spaces. The best way to create an elegant space of your own is to minimize the use of current trends in your home. Instead focus on achieving an elegant edge utilizing stylish pieces that are classic and will be around for many years to come.  There are a few things to keep in mind to help you along the way.

1. Introduce classic lines and soft curves. 

2. Add comfortable fabrics and textures. 

3. Keep in mind the natural flow of light (do not block with furniture placement).

4. Maintain symmetrical balance and proportions

Ultimately maintain a youthful, fresh approach to a traditional design aesthetic. This is the perfect recipe for a perfectly designed space. Take a look at a few inspirational pictures to get you on your way. 







New York Botanical Garden

Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day! I wanted to share with you my Labor Day excursion to the New York Botanical Gardens. First, just let me say what a beautifully enchanted place. As soon as you walk in you smell nothing but fresh, clean air and are welcomed by greenery where every your eye travels. This landmark has been around for over 120 years and supports over one million living plant collections on 250 acres of land.

The New York Botanical Garden is truly a gem and offers a great escape from the busy New York City streets. Coming here allows you to slow down and decompress taking in only beauty. This place is indeed a treat and on my top for recommendations for things to do in NYC. Here are just a few pictures of the beauties I spotted on my visit to this majestic place.

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