Comfortable Elegance

When it comes to designing your home, you of course want to make it as comfortable as possible while keeping it stylish. Sometimes I come across homes that either have beautiful things in them that are never used or touched (kind of like a museum). I remember my grandma had one room in her house that was very fancy and off limits.

Your space should not lack all the beautiful things your heart desires because you are worried about how things may hold up. Now that was easier said then done because I am definitely working on that. I sometimes have a moment when a coaster is not used under a glass…lol.

If you are in the process of designing a comfortable and stylish space in your
home keep in mind a few things; color palette, furniture choices, fabric and textures, and lastly functionality.

1. Choose a color palette that is warm and inviting. There is nothing more unsettling then sitting in a room with a jarring color on the walls. No one will be in there very long.

2. Use furniture that is functional to the room you are placing it in. For example, if you are designing a sitting room you would place a sofa, along with side chairs for additional sitting. Creating a space plan that will accommodate a conversation between you and your quests.

3. When collecting fabrics for the room you also want to keep in mind what the room will be utilized for. High traffic rooms you may want to use fabrics deeper in tone, along with being durable.

4. All – in – all functionality is key. Keep in mind what your room will be used for and how to make it most effective for your family’s needs.



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