Makeup Vanity Inspiration

How does one create the perfect makeup vanity? Well there are few essentials that you will need and I have a list to help you along the way.

1. Table

This is a must of course. Whether deciding to go vintage, modern or contemporary your makeup table should speak to you. This ultimately is the most important piece of furniture, so choose wisely. Make sure the size is perfect for what you need when getting dressed and ready for your day. You do not need a table/desk that lacks space because it will not be functional. Also take in consideration the amount of storage you would like you table/desk to have when choosing the perfect piece that fits you.

2. Chair

If you are one who spends 10 to 15 minutes applying your makeup then a vanity stool or bench might work out perfectly for you. On the other hand, if you need a bit more time (like myself) then you might want to gravitate towards a chair with a back. Dining chairs tend to be great when pairing with your vanity table.

3. Mirror

Now you have to be able see what you’re doing. Without a mirror who knows how things would turn out…lol! When picking out your mirror think about whether you require it to be stationary or if you would prefer hanging your mirror. Hanging a mirror gives you the option to make changes to your makeup space and give it a different look more easily.  Also keep in mind the proportion of your mirror to your table. It should be in perfect balance when pairing the two together.

4. Add Charm

The last detail I would say is adding accessories. Placing your beautiful accessories will create the ultimate space for you. Allowing you to look forward to getting dressed in the morning. You can use all kinds of beautiful trays, jewelry stands or boxes that will not only display your makeup necessities but also contain them. Also adding your favorite perfume bottles so that they are readily accessible would be both functional and beautiful.

Remember in creating this wonderful space choose your furniture and décor wisely. You want this space to be lovely and make a statement.

image image

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