Serene Dreams

The world can get oh, so chaotic and it is important to create a space that is peaceful and serene. That being said I am absolutely one who loves her beauty sleep, especially after a hard days work. It is important for me to be able to come home and have a relaxing space where I can unwind from the day. That place for me would be my bedroom.

A bedroom should be all about comfort. Like I said before, the bedroom is a place to unwind and just relax. When designing a bedroom ultimately a bed is required but don’t stop there. Adding a comfortable sitting area adds another element in the room in which you can decompress.

Here are a few things I would recommend when creating your bedroom space:

1. Add plush, soft fabrics where ever possible. Think linen or silk bed linens, faux fur throws and velvet upholstered furniture.

2. Use a soothing color palette.

3. Add candles preferably unscented.

4.Get rid of the office desk and chair. No need to think of work before bed. It will surely be there in the morning when you wake up.

5. Remove the TV and exercise equipment.

6. Scale is key to create harmony. Take notice of the size of your bed and other pieces of furniture to ensure everything fits perfectly. Keep in mind to make choices that make the biggest impact.

Take a look at some bedroom spaces and be inspired!


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