Monochromatic Rooms

Now you may think why would I every want my space to be all one color? Where is the fun in that? My sentiments exactly, that is until most recently. I use to think monochromatic rooms were a bit boring but have come to realized they can turn out quite the contrary.

When designing such a space you have to be intentional in your choices. First, choosing your color palette is key. Pick a color and stick to it. Keep in mind where this color choice is going. If designing the bedroom you may want to pick a relaxing color. If designing your living room you have more of an option to go a bit more bold with color.

After you have decided on your color start choosing variations of this color. Also add lots of texture. Leathers, velvets, metallics oh my! You can also make the room more interesting by adding a complimenting color. This creates contrast and interest.  Take a look at the following images for some inspiration to get you started in the right direction.

image image image image image image image

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