Black Out

Using black or darker colors in a space can be scary for some but when executed properly can be quite the contrary. Using black in your space can be infused with any interior design style.

Here are a few tips when decorating with black or darker tones.

Tip # 1: Contrast your dark space with brighter colors. Mix up your space adding a red lacquer furniture piece, for instance. This will create the ultimate statement.

Tip # 2: Make good use of textures, patterns and shapes making your space feel more cozy.

Tip # 3: Add warmth with candles and the glow will give your room a touch of class.

Tip # 4: Keep in mind you should choose this space wisely. Painting your space black will make a statement but make sure you do so in a room with plenty of natural lighting. Windows are a must. Adequate lighting will compensate for using such a dark tone in your space. It will keep your interior from feeling to dark, gloomy or closed in.

Again when done properly… Oh my! Just look at the spaces below. It might sway you in taking the risk in your own home.


image image image

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